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Want to Contribute to Our Blog? 

We would absolutely love to have you and appreciate you showing interest in writing for Easy Blog In A Box!

We know the hardest part is simply reaching out to ask us on a first date.😘😘😘

We are always looking for content creators that understand the joys of being a blogger.

By publishing on Easy Blog In A Box you will get instant fame and it will rain gold from the heavens.

Ok, not really, but we will give you a virtual high five.🖐

Our goal is simple. We strive to provide clear and easy-to-understand articles and video tutorials that eliminate confusion for beginning bloggers and non-techy readers.

We have a few requirements that we like to set ahead of time.


  • Needs to be an original article
  • Excellent grammar and strong writing skills
  • Relevant writing and blogging experience
  • Eager to share your best ideas and strategies
  • Preferably a how-to/step-by-step article
  • Article length between 1,000~5,000 words

What we don’t publish:

  • Syndicated Content
  • Short keyword stuffed SEO articles
  • Hidden links/link stuffing
  • Anything that will violate our Terms

If you’re OK with the above requirements then go ahead and apply below.🤗

How to Submit and What Happens Next

Complete the form below and then submit your application. We prefer submissions as Google documents so our editors can easily provide feedback and guidance directly within your draft.

Here’s what happens after you hit the “Submit My Application” button:

  • We will review your submission and determine whether it’s a potential fit. 
  • We try to respond within 5 business days whether your submission has been approved or denied. 
  • If your article is approved, keep in mind that we typically send back edit suggestions. 
  • Once you’ve addressed our comments, send your revised draft back. The team will discuss it again and let you know if we want to accept it.
  • If we accept your article, we’ll schedule you for publication as soon as revisions are complete. We can’t give you a specific publication date until the article is ready to go live.

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*Submitting an application does not guarantee your article will be approved. If the article is denied you are free to publish the article elsewhere. 

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