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The on-boarding processing was as smooth as ever – I loved the face-to-face (video) call/ tutorial, it sure was a detailed run down of all I need to know to navigate through. During the call they walked me through all aspects of my website and how to customize. It was so detailed that, even for someone with no website building experience they would be able to find their way around. Appreciated the additional links and the recording of the on-boarding call that were sent to me at the conclusion of the call. This made it so much easier when I needed to refer back on areas I could not remember. I truly appreciate it!



In a pinch, I was referred to Angie and Trevor to help me build my website. I contacted them in my self-made scurry and not only did they deliver a simple and excellent site, but Trevor took the time to video chat with me, and teach me the site inner workings. He was timely, energetic and extremely patient and kind. I literally am so happy with you both.



Trevor was great to work with! He really knows what he’s doing and went above and beyond to help me get my site errors corrected. I’d highly recommend him for any blog work and coaching.


I purchased Trevor Gensler’s pre-built website because my sister needed a quick website set up. The process was so seamless that I had her website up in a couple of days and she loved it! I had a couple of questions for Trevor while I was setting it up and he always provided a quick, detailed response so that I didn’t get stuck and could move forward with designing.
Thank you, Trevor!

Kara WIlliams


We can’t even begin to describe how helpful the video tutorials are and the support you receive from the community in the private Facebook Group!  What they don’t tell you is how great Trevor and Angie are at providing help! Trevor has helped us many times! As we stated above, we ARE NOT “techie” people.  I am sure Trevor has rolled his eyes at some of the questions we have asked:), but he is always there and very responsive to all questions. For example, I sent the following message to Trevor late one night – “I was working on our website and lost everything on the home page.  Is there a way to get it back? Even back to the original default would be better than what I currently have.” Within a few minutes, Trevor had already replied with very simple and easy to follow instructions to get us back up and going!

Eric & Karla McPherson


My website was built within 24 hours of my request, talk about quick turnaround. This surely put a smile on my face. I have built a website before and I know how difficult it was for me as a first timer and not tech person. I truly appreciate having everything done for me. Making it 100% hassle free and with such a quick turnaround. All I had to do was customize the text and images and I was done . Exceptional value for the amount I invested for sure!


Honestly, this page is why we love what we do!

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